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How and why Tardis project can help you prepare a job interview?

The TARDIS project is an European project. We joined the forces of top researchers of several countries in order to respond to one serious problem which concerns all member states of the Europen Union – the job inclusion of youngsters. We are focusing our research on one important aspect – helping the young people in impoving their performance in job interviews throughtout interactions with a virtual agents acting as recruters.

The problem

The number of young people, aged between 15 and 24, not in employment, education or training (NEET) is increasing across Europe. In general the youth unemployment rates are higher than unemployment rates for all ages. Furthermore, the economic crisis hit the youngsters more than other age groups. The gap between the youth and the total unemployment rates is constantly increasing since 2008. Youth unemployment rate reached 2.6 times the total rate at the end of 2012.1

The chart bellow presents the yout unemployment rates from 2000 to 2013.2

Current research reveals that NEETs often lack self-confidence and the essential social skills needed to seek and secure employment.

In order to face this issue, different youth inclusion associations across Europe provide social coaching programmes, in order to help young people acquire and improve their social competencies. However, it is an expensive and time-consuming approach. It relies a lot on the availability of trained practitioners and on the willingness of the young people to engage in exploring their social strengths and weakness in front of their peers and practitioners.

The TARDIS solution

The TARDIS team aims to provide you with a simulation platform for job interviews, based on the interaction of youngsters with a virtual agents acting as recruters. Those virtual agents are credible, yet tireless interlocutors – you are able to have a realistic socio-emotional interactions with them as many times as you wish. You can modulate their emotionl display and simulate a diverse range of possible interview situations.

Why should you try the TARDIS approach?

  • Because the interaction with a virtual agent remove the many barriers that real-life situation may pose. You can better your job ineterview perfermece in the secure environment of the game without the stress-related interactions with a real person;
  • Because TARDIS experience will be realy realistic. Our virtual agents will adapt its behavior to your performance. It will be able to detect in real-time your emotions and social attitudes through voice and facial expression recognition and respond appropriately;
  • Because you can choose different interview scenarios and agents’ behaviours without the help of computer scientists;
  • Because you have a unique access to a record of the specific difficulties that you experienced. This will enable you to see your progress in emotion regulation and social skill acquisition;
  • Because you can repeat the simulation as many times as you need!

2 Source : Eurostat,


Grant agreement n° 288578